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Cairo, Egypt
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Samuel Rozfy

Samuel Rozfy

Samuel Rozfy

Personal Information

  • Date of Birth March 1, 1963
  • Social Status: Married, with a daughter 21, and a son 28.
  • Church Affiliation: ordained minster in the Presbyterian Church of Egypt.
  • Address: 8 El Sekka El-Baida Street, Abbasseya, Cairo 11381, Egypt.
  • Mobile: 201224341049 work 2026825680 (ext. 1628)
  • Email: [email protected]

Faith story

  • I was born in a Presbyterian family that influenced my spiritual growth in wonderful ways. My church in Port Said helped me in my spiritual journey as I grew into adulthood. I entered the pastorate in 1986 in the First Presbyterian Church in Al-Tayeeba, a village in Upper Egypt, where I was ordained in 1987, and served until I joined the teaching staff at ETSC in 1992. God blessed my ministry in Al-Tayeeba Church with tremendous growth very quickly as he trained church leaders, and as I gained significant practical experiences, which has in turn greatly informed my teaching of courses on pastoral care and counseling at the seminary.

Work Experience

  • May 2010 – present Dean of Relations and Training.
  • 2005- Chair of Practical Theology Department
  • 9/2005-Professor of pastoral counseling.
  • 9/1997 Assistant Professor of Pastoral Counseling
  • 9/1992 Teaching Assistant of pastoral care, counseling
  • 3/1987 Pastor at El Tayba, Evangelical Church.


Clinical Pastoral Education, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, CPE, 2004-2005.

  1. Min. Northwest Graduate School, 2005.

Thesis: Renewal of Urban Church Mission in the Coptic Evangelical Church.

M.A.R. in Pastoral Care, Dubuque Theological Seminary, 1996.

B.A. in History, Al-Minia University, 1991.

B.Th., Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 1985.

Samuel is a member of the following associations Synod of the Nile


Ministry Engagements for the church:  

Lay-people Training in Presbyteries (since 2004)

Continuing Education for pastors (since 2004)

Elders training (since 2016)

student’s wives Training for pastoral work (since 2016)

Teaching at Catholic Seminary (Principles of Counseling and Family Counseling, since 2011)

List of Publications, books in Arabic:

Superstition and Magic (1992).

Jesus and the Different Social Classes (1995).

Guides Through Prayer (translation, 1996).

Magic and Jealousy in the Bible (1999).

Accept One Another (2000).

Vision in the Church and the Necessity of Change (2003).

Renewal Thinking in Christian Religion (2003).

How to Raise Your Children (2004).

Servant Leadership (2005).

Renewal of Urban Church Mission in the Coptic Evangelical Church. Thesis: (2005)

Challenges and Criticism in Church Ministry (2007).

Different Disciples, One Witness (2009).

The Psychology of Magic and Superstition (2009).