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About us

Why CSC?

The Church and Society Center is the practical arm of the Missions Department.

Churches across Egypt’s governorates of all denominations serve only about 30% of the Christian population and are unevenly distributed, leaving many areas without services.

CSC aims to equip local churches to provide comprehensive Christian services (spiritual and developmental) in underserved areas. This includes training for serving inside and outside Egypt and promoting kingdom values of goodness, love, and justice in society.

Our Philosophy

Embrace the concept of integrated mission of;

– Discipleship fosters personal transformation towards Christ-likeness

– Church undertakes accountability for (or social responsibility towards) their communities
– Christians uphold assigned stewardship over/towards the entire creation

Our Vision

We aspire to witness a growing church extending its scope to unreached areas, fulfilling its social responsibility, actively addressing community issues, and responding to its dynamic needs to sustain transformational development.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Grounded in our faith in the gospel and the demonstration of God’s love for all, our objective is to empower the church to fulfill its mission and social obligations through rigorous research, comprehensive studies, and leadership development initiatives.

Our Values

We believe in:

·         The holistic Gospel lived out to serve humanity; spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

·         The pivotal role of the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission and fostering community development.

·         Effective partnership, as integrated impactful work, is achieved through the rigorous effort of all.

·         Upholding credibility and accountability to all stakeholders with transparency, integrity, commitment, and submission.

·         Equality and non-discrimination in treating everyone equitably with consistent standards in service delivery.

·         Initiation and innovation in attaining goals and executing programs.