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Kairos Kids Program

It is a specially tailored curriculum designed for children aged between 6 to 14 years old to teach and encourage them about missions.

It can take the form of a summer school or a weekly lesson during Sunday school meetings facilitated by Sunday school leaders of the local churches.

Each lesson includes the following sections:

An exploratory Activity – a Bible Verse – a Game – a Lesson content – a Challenge (to measure the children’s response) – a Prayer (for a specific people group) – a story about a Hero – a song

Lesson Titles:

  1. The Great Story of God
  2. God’s Blessings for All Peoples
  3. Jesus Came for All Peoples
  4. Spreading the Great Story of God
  5. How Will Everyone Hear?
  6. The Great Story of God and You
  7. Building Bridges towards God
  8. Now Is the Time of the Great Story of God

Followed by an outreach organized by the children themselves and a continuing plan for the whole church.

Preceded by a preliminary meeting for leaders.

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Perspectives Program

One of the most significant global tools for missions mobilizing for church members. Addressing four perspectives of mission ministry; Biblical, historical, cultural, and strategical.

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Christian Social Services Diploma

An academic program on the intellectual and practical levels, with biblical and developmental dimensions.

Aims to:

-Shift Christians’ attitudes and views about the Church’s societal role, fostering collective awareness within an ecumenical context.

-Help the churches and ministries develop the tools and techniques they use to enhance missionary and developmental services.

-Equips Christian leaders with scientific and practical fundamentals, especially related to social responsibility

-Improves the efficacy of those involved in planning, leading, and executing mission-driven developmental programs for underserved areas.

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