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Our Strategies

Our Strategies

  • Conducting research includes academic and field studies.
  • Training involves organizing training courses and developing materials for missions and development.
  • Mobilizing involves hosting seminars and providing awareness materials for spiritual and social services.

Our Goals

As a research center, we:

  • Conduct both academic and applied research to identify societal phenomena.
  • Provide decision-makers with possible resolutions.
  • Provide a supportive environment for scholars in specialized fields.
  • Establish a database of resources and connections for applied research.

As a training arm, we:

  • Offer courses to equip church leaders for better missional and social impact quality.
  • Develop curricula for missional and social ministries.
  • Assist churches in designing programs to address their local community needs.
  • Introduce church management concepts for more effective holistic ministry.

As a missional catalyst, we:

  • Mobilize churches and parachurch ministries services for social services as a main pillar of the missionary aspects in our country.
  • Provide field service opportunities.
  • Empower churches for holistic mission work, extended to unreached areas.
  • Develop the capacity of churches’ calibers for mission and development fields.
  • Liaise with different partnership networks to support our mission.