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Master of Leadership and Management (MLM)

Master of Leadership and Management (MLM)

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The MLM program is at the final stages toward earning academic accreditation. In case the program receives accreditation, some requirements will change.

MLM seeks to provide training in management and leadership from a Christian perspective. The program consists of 54 credits to be studied over three to four years. The MLM language of instruction is Arabic. MLM is a hybrid program that combines both face-to-face components on ETSC’s campus in Abbaseya, Cairo and online components, both during the normal academic year that begins in the third week of September and ends around the end of May. the classes will continue to be delivered online based on the flipped classroom approach, in addition to three or four discussion meetings to be held in class or online at the professor’s discretion and depending on the geographical locations of the students. The actual cost of the study is 2000 EGP/credit. Applicants can, however, fill out a scholarship application for a grant that amounts to 85%. The scholarship application is included in the program application. Granting scholarships is decided based on the applicant’s needs. The application deadline is 18 August.

Classes begin in the third week of September. Those admitted to the program are required to attend an online orientation conference, the date of which will be announced in due time.


Application Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • An English proficiency level equivalent to that of the Egyptian General Secondary Education Certificate (Thanaweya Amma).

ETSC provides a free English Placement Test (EPT) for the applicants. However, applicants who submit with their applications evidence of receiving their secondary education in English or graduating from a university where study was in English, or an official score from an approved institute such as Amideast or the British Council are exempted from taking the EPT. Also, graduates fromETSC with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, from Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS),  or from Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) are exempted from the EPT.

The EPT is administered on the main campus at Abbaseya, Cairo and in the centers and branches of ETSC in Alexandria, Minya, Assiut, and Sohag. Only applicants from outside of Egypt are permitted to take the EPT remotely online on the same dates and times scheduled for the EPT on the main campus and in the branches.

ETSC schedules three different appointments for the EPT. Therefore, you are requested to select the most convenient appointment(s) from the list included in the application form. Kindly note that ETSC provides the EPT free of charge. Failure to attend on the date selected without a 48-hour notice will result in final cancellation of your booking.

The Admissions Office of ETSC will not provide a written result of the EPT. It rather informs the applicants whether they passed or failed the EPT within three working days as of taking the test. If you fail the EPT in the first appointment on the list, you can retake it in one or both of the remaining appointments. Applicants may also book more than one of the appointments available in the application form.

ETSC provides four online English practice courses free of charge to help applicants prepare for the EPT. Applicants can self-enroll in one or more of the four courses based on their evaluation of their English level. During the course(s), applicants can monitor their progress from their scores in the course activities, which will indicate whether or not they need more practice. The four online courses are self-study, which means that no teacher will be there to guide the students’ work. The courses are rather designed for independent learning where students rely on the electronic results of the activities they do in each course. It is recommended that applicants do as much practice as possible in the grammar, listening, and reading courses. Below is the link to the online English practice courses:


You can also further prepare yourself by using the following website


It is also advisable to do practice tests at levels A2 and B1 available at the following website before taking the EPT


  • Computer literacy, Internet browsing sills, a personal computer, and Internet service with a reasonable speed suitable for online study.
  • A 20-minute interview to be done online or face-to-face to get to know the applicants and answer their queries. You will receive an email from the Admissions Office to inform you of the date of the interview and whether it will be face-to-face on the main campus or in the branch closest to you, or online. Interviews will be done only with the applicants who submitted all required documents and passed (or were exempted from) the EPT. In case these conditions are not met, application will be postponed to the following year. Moreover, admission to the program is not possible without passing the interview.
  • Answering the personal questions.
  • Contacting the recommenders to make sure they have completed the electronic recommendation report. Following up the recommendation letter is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Pastors who graduated from ETSC are exempted from submitting recommendation letters for the MLM program.
  • Electronic submission of the application form. Kindly note that:
  • The only method available for applying is to complete the application form online.
  • The primary way of communication is via email. It is therefore of paramount importance to follow up your email regularly during the application process. Following up the email announcements of dates and other important information sent by the Admissions Office is your responsibility and you alone bear the consequences of failure to do so. Therefore, you are strongly advised to regularly check your inbox and spam/junk folders.
  • You will be notified of your application result by email during the first week of September.

We are looking forward to seeing you as a student in the ETSC community.