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Sherif Salah

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Sherif Salah Habib Nakhla

Professor of Mission


Dr. Rev. Sherif Salah Habib Nakhla was born to a presbyterian family in Minya. He is married to Mervat Mounir. Before studying theology, he earned his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Minya University, he worked as Neuro-psychiatrist for several years. Sherif holds his DMiss degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He also graduated with a S.T.M. in mission from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and BTH from Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. Sherif’s expertise is in the area of international and local mission, Sherif’s courses include Introduction to Mission, Church Growth, Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity, Theology of Mission, and Perspective on the World Christian Movement. Sherif is an ordained Presbyterian Minister.

Selected Publications

 David Grafton with Sherif Salah and Tharwat Wahba “North Africa” in Atlas of Global Christianity (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2009). 121-123. 

Sedhum, Sewilam, Sherif Salah (Gen. Eds.). Abaad Resalat El-Engeel fi El-Alam. Trans. Maher Nathan, Nabila Hanna, Ra’fat Baheeg. Eds. Daoud Riad, Wael Haddad. Vol. 1,2. Cairo: Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 2017. The Arabic book is a translation of the original English book: Winter, Ralph D., Steven C. Hawthorne (Eds.). Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader. Pasadena: William Carey Library, 2009.