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Ragaai Ghobrial

8 El Sekka El Baida St., Abbaseia , Cairo, Egypt

Ragaai M. Ghobrial

Systematic Theology


Ragaai was born in Assuit in 1986. He completed his undergraduate studies in Education at Assuit University in 2007. He earned his M.Div. at ETSC in 2011 and was ordained as a pastor in the Synod of the Nile in 2012. He ministered at the Evangelical Church in Sahel Saleem, Assuit, from 2011 to 2013, and then at the Second Evangelical Church in Minya from 2013 to 2021. Ragaai obtained his Th.M. with a concentration in Systematic Theology from ETSC in May 2017. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Theology at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Ragaai is married to Feby and has three sons: Samer, Ziad, and Rafik.


English Publications

Ragaai M. Ghobrial, Up from Political Alienation: Abraham Kuyper’s Calvinistic Theology of Sphere Sovereignty, A Call for the Egyptian Church to Engage in Political Life (Cairo: ETSC, 2018)

Arabic Articles Publications

Ragaai Ghobrial, Faith and Political Engagement: A Reformed Theological Perspective (Cairo: ETSC, 2018)

Ragaai Ghobrial, “The Incarnation of the Word: A Culture of Life for the Middle East,” in Majallet Al Huda (Cairo: Synod of the Nile, January 2017)

Ragaai Ghobrial, “The Dialectic Between Ordinance and Commandment,” in Majallet Al Huda (Cairo: Synod of the Nile, July 2017)

Ragaai Ghobrial, “Octopus-Like Leadership,” in Majallet Al Huda (Cairo: Synod of the Nile, June 2017)

Ragaai Ghobrial, “When the Church seems absent,” in Majallet Al Huda (Cairo: Synod of the Nile, November 2018)

Ragaai Ghobrial, “A Reformed Evangelical Perspective of the Doctrine of Work,” in Majallet Al Nosour (Cairo: Dar El Thaqafa, May 2021)