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Atef M. Gendy

Atef M. Gendy

Professor of New Testament and Director of the Center of Middle Eastern


Dr. Atef Gendy was born to a Presbyterian family in Asyut, Egypt. He is married to Manal Mourad and has two sons, Amir married to Heidi and Nayer married to Nardine. He is a grandfather to Tia and Nicole Amir.

Dr. Gendy worked as a civil engineer from 1982-1984, then served as director of a training center in the south of Egypt to help equip lay leaders for the ministry (1984–1992). He followed his calling to enroll at ETSC and graduated in 1992. He was selected in the same year as an Instructor in New Testament. He earned his Ph.D. in 2000 from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Same year, in July, he was chosen as a President of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. He served in this position for 21 years and never give up his role as a professor of the New Testament till now.

Dr. Gendy is now serving the seminary as a director of the center of Middle Eastern Christianity, CMEC.

Publications and Academic Works

  • Most recently published a reference in Arabic titled: Why Do You Teach Them in Parables? How Do We Interpret the Parables of Jesus in Their Historical Context (Cairo: Dar Al-Thaqafa, 2020).
  • Editor of the New Testament Commentary in the project of The Arabic Contemporary Commentary, Published by Dar Al-Thaqafa.
  • A Commentary on Philemon in the above project.
  • An article in the Swedish Missional Journal: Gendy, Atef M. “Style, Content and Culture: Distinctive Characteristics in the Missionary Speeches in Acts.” Swedish Missiological Themes 99 (2011) 247–65.
  • Devotional Notes to the Book of Luke for the Bible Society of Egypt, 2009.
  • Devotional Notes to the Book of Acts for the Bible Society of Egypt 2009.
  • Unpublished Ph.D. thesis on “The Parables of Jesus or the Parables of Mathew? A question about the Authenticity of the Parables in the First Gospel”. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University, 2000.
  • Unpublished MTh, “The Authenticity of the Conclusions of the Parables of Jesus”. Aberdeen, Aberdeen University, 1995.
  • A book review of Eduard Schweizer’s Jesus the parable of God: What Do We Really Know About Jesus? 1997 513,4221. REvQ 71 (1999) 167-168 (Gendy, Atef) 
  • Served as a consultant in a committee formed 2015 by “The World Evangelical Alliance” to review the Familial Divine Terms “Father/Son” in one of Wyclif Translations.
  • Wrote several articles and book reviews in different Arab Christian Journals and the Scottish Journal of Theology.