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Master of Theology (ThM)

Master of Theology (ThM): this degree program is open for students with a previous theological degree (MDiv or MAT) and is conducted entirely in English. ETSC’s ThM program focuses on Bible, church, and theology in the context of Egypt and the Middle East. The program is intended to deepen students’ academic qualifications for teaching, further studies, and scholarly research.
This year (2021), we invite people to apply for one of the following two specialization tracks: New Testament and Systematic Theology, which will both start in fall 2021. Each track has its own entrance requirements (see below).
The ThM is equivalent to one year of full-time studies (36 credits) but is usually completed in 2–3 years of part-time study: students take classes during two academic years and write their master’s thesis alongside the classes in the second year or in a third year.
In fall and spring, classes are usually offered on ETSC’s campus in Abbaseya on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (mornings and sometimes evenings). In January courses are taught as short intensives that follow a different schedule. (Note that courses will be offered online if the Covid-19 situation still requires the seminary to decide to do so.)
Tuition fee is LE1375/credit. The application includes a scholarship application. The scholarship is offered based on need.
Please, contact Dr. Willem J. de Wit at [email protected] for further information about the ThM program.


Admission requirements are as follows:
• A Bachelor’s degree
• A Master’s degree in theology (Master of Arts in Theology [MAT] or Master of Divinity [MDiv]).
– For admission to the Systematic Theology specialization, MAT graduates should hold a MAT-T (MAT with a specialization in Theology and Church History) or have at least completed three out of the following four MAT specialization courses: Reformed Theology and History, Philosophy of Religion, Arab Christianity, and Ethics, and have written a final paper (in any area). Knowledge of Greek is recommended but not required for the Systematic Theology specialization.
– For admission to the New Testament specialization, MAT graduates should hold a MAT-B (MAT with a specialization in Biblical Studies) or have at least completed the following MAT specialization courses: (a) Greek 1, (b) Greek 2, (c) New Testament Exegesis, (d) either Biblical Theology or Theology of Paul, and (e) a final paper (in any area). Knowledge of Hebrew is recommended but not required for the New Testament specialization.
– For successful study in the New Testament track, it is essential that one has not only studied Greek in the past but still remembers it well. Applicants will therefore be required to take a Greek entrance quiz before September 1 to demonstrate that they have refreshed their Greek. Please, contact Dr. Willem J. de Wit ([email protected]) for information about this entrance quiz and how to prepare for it.

• An official English test score is required of all applicants whose mother tongue is not English. The score must be submitted before September 1. The following three options are acceptable:
– A score of at least 500 on the TOEFL ITP test as administered by AMIDEAST. In Egypt, this is typically the most affordable option to fulfill the English test requirement. For information, see: https://www.amideast.org/egypt/take-a-test/register-for-a-test/toefl-itp-tests/toefl-itp%C2%AE-test.
– A score of at least 62 on the TOEFL iBT test as administered by an official ETS test center such as AMIDEAST.
– A score of at least 5.5 on the IELTS Academic test. In Egypt, this test is administered by the British Council. For information, see: https://www.britishcouncil.org.eg/en/exam/ielts/dates-fees-locations.
• A writing sample (about 1000 words) that expresses the applicant’s best academic skills in theological education.
• Having 2 online academic recommendations completed by 2 theology professors who taught the applicant and therefore can assess her/his academic level. The deadline for submitting these recommendations is 29 June. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up on this process to make sure the recommendation form is submitted in time.

• Completing the online application in time (deadline: June 30).
A note for international applicants: please, make your intention to apply known to Dr. Willem J. de Wit ([email protected]) as soon as possible. Depending on your situation, we may have to make special preparations which we will not be able to do if we only hear from you shortly before the official application deadline of June 30.

(Note: in the past, it was also possible to concentrate in the ThM in Old Testament studies and in Christianity in the Middle East. These tracks are not on offer for students starting their ThM studies in fall 2021. However, they may return in a modified form at some point in the future and each track will then have its own entrance requirements. For example, knowledge of Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis at MDiv/MAT level will certainly be among the requirements for admission to Old Testament studies at ThM level. While the seminary cannot yet announce which track will be offered when and what the exact entrance requirements will be, the general advice for current MAT students who want to do ThM studies later on is as follows: choose MAT-B if you want to open the door for ThM studies in the area of biblical studies in the future and choose MAT-T if you want to open the door for ThM studies in the area of theology and church history in the future, and consider including Greek 1 and 2 as electives in your MAT-T.)