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Local Churches Training

Local Churches Training and Mentoring

Aiming to assist local churches in addressing the issues of their communities, especially in underserved areas lacking various services, by developing an ambitious plan that implement possible solutions using the available local resources.

Training Topics:

  • The Importance of holistic Development
  • Field Research Skills
  • Analysis of Local Resources and Problems
  • Action Plan for Implementing a Developmental Project.
  • Implementing an on-ground Program serves the Area

Youth Training School

Training a group of young adults (university-aged, and fresh graduates) from local churches located close to the areas of need, on the concepts of missionary service, lived discipleship, and community service to reach underserved areas.

 Ages 18-30

Training Topics:

  • Personal and spiritual formation
  • Teaching on missions, apologetics, and evangelism
  • Equipping for community services

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