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Core Values

Our Principles and Values

In achieving its mission, ETSC abides by following fundamental principles and values:

First: The ETSC community is to be Distinctively Christian:

1. It is to be governed by the Christian principles of love, faithfulness, self-control, and purity.

2. It accepts and respects the diversity of different cultures and races.

3. It applies equal treatment to men and women.

4. It welcomes the diversity of personal capabilities and skills.

5. It is a place where everyone – professors, students, administrators and workers alike – work together as one team.

Second: ETSC is to be Distinguished Academically

1. It fosters a spirit of understanding and appreciation for Christian heritage and Egyptian-Arab cultural.

2. It encourages academic research and critical and analytical thinking.

3. It promotes freedom of thought, research, creativity and expression.

4. It supports the mastery of various languages in addition to Arabic.

5. It accommodates modern sciences and studies and their relationship to life.

6. It develops the acquisition of ministry skills, such as preaching, communication, leadership and management, as well as proficiency with modern technology.

Third: ETSC is to Train Distinguished Graduates and Ministers

1. in the life of godliness and consecration.

2. in the life of care and ministry.

3. in the life of impartiality and integrity.

4. in leading with a servant-like spirit.

5. with a vision and passion to serve God and the community.

6. who is teachable and ambitious to learn and develop him/herself.