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Cairo, Egypt
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Tharwat Waheeb Boles Wahba

Tharwat Waheeb Boles Wahba

Tharwat Waheeb Boles Wahba


Ph.D., London School of Theology, 2009

M.A. of Middle Eastern Christianity, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 2003

B.A. of Theology (with grade Excellent), Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 2001

B.A. of Egyptology, Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, 1989


Life story:

I was raised in a nominal Coptic-Christian family in Upper Egypt. My family lived near Minya where I used to go to the only church in my small village. In 1981, when I was 15 years old, I began to pay attention to my spiritual life. I found myself believing that pleasing God is by living a good life and doing good works; however, this was not enough to satisfy me. By the end of the summer of 1981, an evangelist visited my village, and spoke to me about the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and about his blood, saying that the only way to be accepted by God is by believing in Jesus Christ and his blood. I prayed that night and gave my life to the Lord, receiving his love and forgiveness.

It helped me greatly to find that this same evangelist followed up on me and guided me in reading the Bible and praying. My life grew a lot in that time; I started to have a regular quiet time and personal study of the Bible.

From the beginning of my real relationship with the Lord, I was involved in Christian ministry. I served the Lord in my local church as a Sunday school teacher, and preacher at different meetings; and with some local Christian groups in a city near my village.

After I graduated from the Faculty of Egyptology in Cairo University in 1989, I joined Campus Crusade for Christ (C.C.C.), where I had many disciples during my 12 years of full time ministry with them. I enrolled at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC), as a part-time student, and upon completion of my studies in 2001, I was appointed as a Lecturer at ETSC. I was ordained as a Presbyterian pastor in July 2002. Then, I completed a Masters Degree at ETSC, followed by a Ph.D. from London School of Theology in 2009. My topic was about the history of mission work in Egypt and Sudan with its relation to the American Presbyterian Mission. I am grateful for the support I recived to complete my studies from many Christian organizations including OCI, CISF, PCUSA, and others.

During my study, I discovered that there is a need to develop Egyptian leaders in the area of mission and evangelism. When we studied the current situation of our Church in Egypt we found the there are 127 churches without pastors and many of them cannot afford a pastor. So we developed The Lay Pastors Training Program to train leaders for 6 month in our seminary in the areas of evangelism, spcial work, an development, then we send them to the needy villages. For 4 years, we trained 44 lay pastors and they are very active in their ministry in many villages and new areas. We follow up with them and their ministry on regular bases, and we invite them back to the seminary for feed back and refreshing courses.

Besides teaching courses in mission, evangelism, and church planting, I have a role to play in encouraging evangelists in the Cairo Presbytery. They are either ETSC graduates or current students. I visit them with other colleagues, follow up with their ministry and help their young churches. Through the work of our Seminary and the mission department, there are many opportunities to equip, train, and raise the awareness of the Egyptian church to do its ministry in planting churches and sending missionaries.

I am married to Ibtesam Adly Girgis, and have one daughter and two sons.


Associations I am a member of:

Ordained Minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt

Staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ in Egypt for 12 years (1989-2001)

Ministry Engagement outside of ETSC

Writing articles for Church magazines in Egypt.

Translating some papers from English to Arabic.

Interpreting from English to Arabic and reverse in many church conferences and meetings.

Attending and Speaking at many conferences in Ghana, Brazil, Uganda, and the USA.

Coordinating the translation of a series of books about family ministry while ministering with C.C.C.


List of courses I teach

Courses in the fields of Missions, Evangelism, and Islamic Studies.

Topics I am available to speak on


Church Planting





Raising Support for Ministry