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Sherif Salah Habib Nakhla

Sherif Salah Habib Nakhla

Sherif Salah Habib Nakhla


Master of Sacred Theology, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 2010

Bachelor of Theology, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, 2002

Diploma in Neuro-Psychiatry Medicine, First Part, Cairo University, 1998

Bachelor of Medicine, Minia University, 1992

Brief life story:

I was born in a Christian Family in Minia in Southern Egypt. My father is a Pharmacist, who also serves as an elder in Minia Frist Presbyterian Church. My mother graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, but preferred to stay home to care for our large family. I have three sisters and three brothers, and we all grew up attending Sunday School at our church.

My parents always taught us about Christ�s love, not only in words, but also through their lifestyle. The both guided me as I gradually developed my faith in Jesus Christ. I attended primary school at the Sisters� Good Shepherd School, which also helped shape my faith and character.

During my Secondary school years, the Christian concepts I grew up with transformed into life experiences. It was then that I decided to dedicate my life to ministry. Though I enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, already after the first year, I wished to transfer to seminary to study theology instead. But God placed some counselors in my life, who convinced me to complete my Medical studies. So while I was studying medicine, I started ministry in my local church first as the acting director, then as a leader of the high-school spiritual program from 1986-1992.

Throughout my ministry, I had a zeal to reach out to others, especially nominal Christians. So from 1998-2004, I worked as a psychiatrist among addicts at a rehabilitation center supervised by Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church. I also served with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd as a moral and spiritual psychiatrist in a rehabilitation center dedicated to serve prostitutes.

I started my residence of Neuro-psychiatry in 1995, and after finishing the First Part of the Diploma, I decided to change my career direction to theological studies, motivated by these reasons:

The main foundation of ministry is calling, discipleship and academic studies.
Living with other Christians who are called to ministry confirms my calling.
Knowledge of Theological studies will help enhance my attitude and Character.

During my at ETSC, I had the privilege of working with Rev. Dr. Swailem Sidhom, who was the head of the Mission Department then, and he encouraged my vision to establish a survey study to map out areas without active ministry across Egypt. We soon discovered that there were 27,000 areas with 8 million nominal Christians waiting to be reached and ministered to.So, he encouraged me to start monthly prayer meetings with other students who shared the same vision.

Upon graduation from seminary in 2002, I began a ministry in an area without a church, and God helped me reach more than 70 families in 9 months, which confirmed my call and vision.

In August 2003, Dr. Swailem called me to work with him as his personal assistant in the Mission Department. I am grateful for what I�ve learned from his experiences as a former missionary to Sudan and Kenya, as I helped teach some of his courses, and as we worked together on several projects like the Lay Pastors Program, Translation of the �Perspectives on the World Christian Movement � curriculum, and A Database Program of Churches. In August 2005, when Dr. Swailem moved to the USA for health reasons, the seminary appointed me as a lecturer of Missions to carry on the work begun by Dr. Swailem. I�ve been growing in my appointment since then due to valuable experiences of attending local and international conferences on Evangelism and strategic planning, as well as a short mission trip to South of Sudan.

I am married to Mervat since 2005, who shared the same attitude and vision for mission and evangelism.

My vision for the future is to:

Continue all the projects already started.
Add new practical projects.
Develop the Mission courses at ETSC
Encourage the students to be involved in mission work inside and outside of Egypt by preparing them academically and practically.

List of courses I teach

Introduction to Mission


Church Growth

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

List of Topics I am available to speak on:

Biblical Foundation of Missions

Mission and Culture

Mission Strategy

History of Missions

Principles of Church Growth

Contemporary Situation of the Presbyterian Church in Egypt

Lecturer in Missions

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