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Cairo, Egypt
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Hani Hanna

Hani Hanna

Hani Hanna

Personal Information

  • Date of Birth: November 21, 1970
  • Social Status: Married, with a daughter and a son
  • Church Affiliation: ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of Egypt
  • Address: 8 El-Sekka El-Baida Street, Abbasseyya, Cairo 11381, Egypt
  • Mobile: +201203021760 / Work: +2026825680 (ext. 627)
  • Email: [email protected]


Faith Story

Born in a Presbyterian family that had an influence on my personal and spiritual growth. Faith has been mainly shaped by a family experience of suffering, a quest for a balance of rational thinking and spiritual experience, and a quest for the unity of doctrine and life, and a quest of reflection on the unity of the Church.


Work Experience

  • 10/2014 – present Academic Dean at ETSC.
  • 1/2011 – present    Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy at ETSC
  • 9/2001 – 12/2005    Teaching Assistant of Theology at ETSC
  • 1/1994 – 8/1999 Construction Designer and Site Manager
  • 7/1992 – 7/1993 Project Engineer at the USAID in Egypt.



  • PhD in Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ, USA (2013)
  • Master of Sacred Theology in Systematic Theology, Yale University, CT, USA (2003)
  • Bachelor of Theology, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt (2001)
  • Bachelor of Science, School of Engineering, Minia University, (1992)


Academic Courses

  • Systematic Theology
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Ethics
  • Christology (The Person & Work of Christ)
  • The Doctrine of Election
  • The Theology of Paul Tillich
  • The Ecumenical Theology of Karl Barth and Karl Rahner
  • The Theology of Matta Al-Miskīn

Academic Publications

  • Hani Hanna, “Matta al-Miskīn’s Message to Egypt after Arab Spring,” Al-Hoda Magazine 1150 (October 2013). (Arabic)
  • Hani Hanna, “Reformation: Past and Future”, Lectures on the Evangelical Reformation, ed. Wageeh Youssef (Cairo: ETSC, 2017), 16–29. (Arabic)
  • Hani Hanna, “La Teologia Delle Scritture Di Matta El Meskin,” in Matta El Meskin: Un Padre del Deserto Contemporaneo, ed. Guido Dotti e Markos el Makari (Magnano: Presso le Nostre Edizioni, 2015), 101-114. (Italian)
  • Hani Hanna, “Aboriginal Christianity” in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South, ed. Mark Lamport (Lanham, ML: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018).
  • Hani Hanna, “Ecclesiology in the Middle East” in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Global South, ed. Mark Lamport (Lanham, ML: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018).


Academic Lectures/Talks

  • November 2017: “Healing the Future: Reformation and Church Unity,” Reformation Anniversary, in Cairo, Egypt. (Arabic)
  • October 2017: “Solus Christus,” Reformation Anniversary, in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • September 2017: “Reformation and the Question of Identity,” Reformation Anniversary, in Amman, Jordan
  • January 2017: The Theology of Matta al-Miskīn—a course offered at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • May 2016: “Matta al-Miskīn’s Theology of Scripture,” Matta al-Miskīn International Conference, in Monastero di Bose, Magnano, Italy.