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Tharwat Wahba

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Tharwat Wahba

Vice prisdent for training and Relationships


Tharwat Wahba earned his PhD in mission studies from London School of Theology in 2009. He also has a Th.M. in Middle Eastern Christianity from ETSC and a B.A in theology from the same seminary. Tharwat areas of expertise are in history of the American Presbyterian Mission in Egypt and Sudan, the mission of the Egyptian church, evangelism and church planting. Tharwat’s courses include, introduction to mission, local mission of the church, global mission of the church, introduction to Islam… The main theme of Tharwat’s focus is how the Egyptian church can be a missional church inside and outside of Egypt. Tharwat is a Presbyterian ordained minister in the Synod of the Nile and he was the chairman of Pastoral and Outreach Ministries Council from 2012 to 2021.