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John Daniel

John Daniel

Biblical Studies


John earned his ThM in Biblical studies from Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. He also holds a Diploma in Hellenistic studies from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and a BTh from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC). Daniel’s expertise is in the area of Biblical and Classical Greek and several other ancient Languages as Latin and Coptic also Biblical translation and Post-Modern interpretations. Daniel’s courses include Biblical Greek, Introduction to the New Testament, New Testament Exegesis, Techniques of Biblical Translation, and the theology of the book of Revelation. Daniel’s main themes of interest are Biblical Languages and translation, Postmodernism specially the liberation theology, ecumenical interpretations.

Select Publications

  • Mabade’ allogha elyonanya lelahd elgadid” Principles of New Testament Greek (Cairo: Bible Society of Egypt, 2016).
  • “Qera’a ameya tawidehya: rasayl Boles” A Translation of the epistles of Paul into modern Egyptian language (Cairo: Dar Resaltna, 2022).