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ويلام دا ويت

ويلام دا ويت

د. ويلام دا ويت

ويلام داويت (Willem J. de Wit)

العهد القديم وعلم اللاهوت النظامي

رئيس قسم الدراسات الكتابية

إيميل: [email protected]

مدونة: wjdw.nl

سيرة موجزة

حصل ويلام داويت على الدكتوراه في علم اللاهوت من Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam، بعد أن درس اللاهوت في جامعة أوتريخت وكطالب زائر فيجامعة درم وجامعة توبنغن وكلية اللاهوت كالڤن.

[[To be translated into Arabic:]] Specialized in the New Testament and in Reformed theology by education, he is developing himself as an expert in Genesis and the Psalms through teaching and research. Aiming to develop biblical studies into a direction that is more profitable to the church today, he is especially interested in the question of how ‘difficult’ Old Testament texts have been used and interpreted through the centuries. His current research is on the reception of Psalm 58 from the church fathers till today. De Wit serves at ETSC through GZB, an organization within the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.


Notes for the translator:

  • Please, don’t change the Arabic spelling of my name.
  • Don’t translate “Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam” into “الجامعة الحرة في أمستردام.”
  • The transliteration of Durham and Tübingen as درم and توبنغن have been taken from Wikipedia, but feel free to usea bettertransliteration.
  • The word “reception” in “the reception of Psalm 58” is probably best translated as “تناول”
  • Keep “GZB” as it is (don’t use Arabic letters; don’t give a translation of the meaning of the name [Reformed Mission League] – for security reasons, I don’t want to be identified explicitly as a “missionary” on the seminary website).
  • Please, send the Arabic translation back to me for review before it is published.]]

منشورات مختارة

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  • On the Way to the Living God: A Cathartic Reading of Herman Bavinck and an Invitation to Overcome the Plausibility Crisis of Christianity (Amsterdam: VU University Press, 2011), pdf.
  • “‘Your Little Ones against the Rock!’: Modern and Ancient Interpretations of Psalm 137:9,” in Christian Faith and Violence 2, ed. Dirk van Keulen and Martien E. Brinkman, Studies in ReformedTheology 11, 296–307 (Zoetermeer: Meinema, 2005), pdf.