What Recent Graduates Say about Us

Tharwat Maher, Heliopolis, Egypt (2010):

In my ministry, I focus on two main things. The first is preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible among the different denominations represented in my church. †My study in ETSCís master's program strongly enriched this aspect of my ministry. It gave me precious skills and tools to prepare my sermons and teaching materials with a deeper biblical understanding. Also, the Middle Eastern Christianity courses provided me with an academic view of the Coptic Orthodox history and tradition. This helps me to preach and teach among Orthodox families with a deeper understanding of this precious authentic church.

Rev. Jon Aalborg, Kirkenes, Norway (2007):

My years at the ETSC were extremely important to me. They gave me a solid grounding in Middle Eastern and Ancient Church history. The Coptic tradition and other courses taught at ETSC have shaped me decisively as a theologian and a preacher, and I am forever grateful to God and to Egypt for that enormous gift.

Camilla Elia, Mailikiya, Syria (2002):

Studying at ETSC was a very challenging and enjoyable experience. I have met a lot of great professors and colleagues. I am so thankful to God for it, and glad that the Lord gave me this opportunity to study.


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