Brief Description of the Program


That Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Management is designed for the working professional leader/manager with a bachelor level degree who seeks to enhance his/her leadership skills while remaining actively involved in job or ministry. It focuses on the specific needs and issues facing Christian leaders of organizations serving in developing countries. Some examples of specific needs would be modeling servant leadership, wise stewardship of financial and human resources, financial management and planning from a biblical perspective, assessing cultural and economic realities of the areas the organization serves, and strategic management in a world that is in constant change.


Over a period of three to five years the student will complete 12 three-credit modules and a thesis. The modules are offered, two at a time, in January and June. Students come together for classes and return to their places of work to do their readings and mail in their assignments.   Students are admitted to the program in groups called cohorts that provide fellowship and teamwork in the often lonely distance education environment.

Part of Learning Communities:

After admission in the program, students will be assigned to smaller support groups as convenient as possible to their places of residency. The cohort model brings students together in a collaborative, team-focused learning experience. With the goal of developing a learning community, this model encourages students to draw upon both their peers and instructors for support.

In the often lonely distance education environment, the cohort concept provides learners with opportunities for deeper understanding and integration of course material.


Limited Residency Requirements:

Students will come together for classes with an instructor two times a year, for a total of two weeks. The program can be completed in a minimum of four years and a maximum of 5 years.


Appropriate Distance Learning Methodology:

These methods will incorporate course workbooks, readers and other additional material. Dialogue with faculty/mentors will be by a variety of means including face to face meetings, e-mail and other forms of online learning. Faculty/Mentors are responsible for coaching and facilitating the dialogue with their cohort group, both individually and collectively, during the specified course period. Students have practical projects where they have to apply what they are learning to their current leadership role and complete a number of written assignments. During the last year they have to submit a Research Project (thesis).  


OLM Course Modules:

This program uses a “set” curriculum that includes workbooks and online learning. The curriculum is highly contextualized to meet the needs of those serving in ministry, pastoring churches, working with any other organization or in a business setting in developing countries.  


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