Camilla Elie, Class of 2002

Camilla Elia


My great-grandfather Hannah Elia, the first evangelical person in his family, served as bishop in a village called Azikh. He lived and died in south Turkey. My grandparents together with my parents fled to Kazimiah in Syria during French Occupation at the beginning of last century because of the dangerous situation for Christians in Turkey.


I was born in Kazimiah and grew up in the nearby city of Mailikia, where I got my high school certificate, the first in my class. I began studying medicine but I was very sad I couldn't continue, so I changed my subject of study. After I worked and served within the church with youth, women, and children, God prepared the way for me to visit Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, and I studied theology in the bachelorís program at ETSC from 1997 to 2000.


After I graduated with a BTh degree, I passed my TOEFL test, and studied for the masterís degree in Biblical Studies. I was the first woman and the first non-Egyptian person to study in the masterís program. Afterwards, I went back to Syria and taught English for many people who wanted to develop their language. The Lord prepared for me to attend conferences in Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. It was a very great opportunity.


When I visited Egypt, I was invited to work at ETSC, so I was very happy. My parents went to the U.S., so I came to Egypt in 2004 and started studying at American University. Then Pentecostal Seminary asked me to teach Hebrew so I taught Hebrew as I was preaching in some churches. Pastor Zakaria told me that Faith Bible College needed a Hebrew teacher so I went and met the director, Rev. Samir, and taught Hebrew and Greek for extension students. I taught also in ETSC 2005-2008. I shared in the translation of the Greek Dictionary with Al Kalima Press and the translation of Falling in Love with Prayer and Leading with Nothing to Lose, and I edited Godís Mission with Dar Althaqafa. I am also writing Arabic poems.


I got married to very great Egyptian, Pastor Fawzy Farag Alla who really loves the Lord and me. We served in Ezbit Ayiob, then at Alissaf Church and at Manishiat Elsader, and now we have been serving at Al Warak Church since 2009. We have no children on earth, but but we have four in heaven Ė God is good.


Last year Middle East Evangelical Theological Seminary asked me to teach Hebrew. This year Catholic Seminary asked me to teach Hebrew. My degree in Biblical Studies at ETSC, including courses in advanced Hebrew, advanced Greek, and the exegetical courses for OT and NT enabled me to be familiar with biblical text and to do this.


Studying at ETSC was very challenging and enjoyable experience. I have met a lot of great professors and colleagues. I am so thankful to God for it, and glad that the Lord gave me this opportunity to study.


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