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Update July, 2015

 We praise the Lord for our faithful partners who have contributed to ETSC’s Faculty Development process. In order to provide a stronger core of academically prepared Egyptian faculty, ETSC embarked on a systematic Faculty Development program in mid nineties. Since then seven professors have earned their doctorate/ Th.M. degree including:  -  Atef Gendy, (Ph.D.), University of Aberdeen 2001

ETSC Update June, 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Atef Gendy on the fifteenth anniversary of his service as the President of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.
At  the end of June, I will finish fifteen years of serving as a President of this Seminary. I found it helpful to share a few lessons I learned during this period.

Days pass very quickly. We don't have the luxury of wasting time on what we are not called to do.
-  In ministry one is easily pushed and challenged to be part of fights and disputes but the best lesson I learned is to choose my battles.

-  The Lord has blessed me with an abundance of things and encouraged me by many achievements. The best of these blessings were friends, partners and colleagues who made it possible to face challenges and overcome problems.

-  One cannot accept the role of leadership and avoid risk taking.

Dr. Atef visit Netherlands & Scotland

860630 440344229377106 415380573 oDr. Atef Gendy will be speaking at the following locations and times during the month of June.
These opportunities are open to the public and we encourage our friends to come. Please introduce yourself to Atef and share this information with your friends.
Atef’s public speaking events in the Netherlands will be from June 13-16:

Saturday June 13, Rev. Dr. Atef M. Gendy will speak at the national GZB day in Gorinchem, the Netherlands
The theme of this day is “Let the church not disappear!”
Dr. Atef will speak in English with Dutch translation.
Other speakers include ETSC graduate Samer Karam and ETSC faculty member Dr. Willem J. de Wit
Location: Evenementenhal, Franklinweg 2, Gorinchem, the Netherlands
Date and time: Saturday June 13, 2015, 09.45am – ca. 3.30pm
Everybody is welcome. Entrance is free.
For more information (in Dutch), see:


What do People need and expect from theological institutions?

    For many years, theological education focused its brand as a scholastic, intellectual and philosophical discipline. It was natural to classify it in many universities under the department of Philosophy and Arts. No doubt, attaining “good theology” requires an integration and interaction of many disciplines including exegesis, doctrine, history, anthropology and philosophy, all of which require intellectual skills such as analytical, critical and logical thinking. However, theological education lost much ground when it satisfied itself with such an approach, neglecting its purpose and the groups it was targeted to serve. Accordingly, there was not enough effort to relate the educational approach to both the purpose and the people it intended to serve.

Dr Atef Gendy will be traveling in the USA 3/2015

deb660fb-e9df-4688-ab7f-68917b988cfaDr Atef Gendy will be traveling in the USA in mid March. Our friends in Florida and Greater Atlanta are encouraged to join him at any of these locations. If you have friends or family you wish to share this information with, the schedule will be posted on the ETSC website at for sharing on facebook.
Wednesday, March 18th   6:30-7:30 pm.   Riverside Presbyterian Church 849 Park St, Jacksonville, FL
Thursday, March 19th 7 p.m. Mandarin Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall) 11844 Mandarin Road, Jacksonville
Sunday, March 22   Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church in Naples Sunday worship services at 8:00, 9:00 and 11:00.
1225 Piper Blvd, Naples, FL
 Monday March 23 12 noon Palma Ceia Presbyterian  3501 West San Jose Street, Tampa, FL
 Men’ Bible Study with lunch
 Wednesday March 25    Church of the Palms 3224 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL  
Thursday, March 26 6-7:30pm Peachtree Presbyterian Church 3434 Roswell Rd NW, Atlanta, GA

January 2015 Update

New Year greetings from ETSC


New Year greetings from all of us at ETSC. Following the January 1-10  Coptic Christmas holiday break, the January term began on January 12th.  Dr. Atef Gendy offers reflections on 2014 and his hopes for the coming year in the first of a series of video clips that begins with this six minute portion for our partners.
     Good news arrived on January 5th at ETSC in the form of a note from Marilyn Borst, Associate Director for Partnership Development at The Outreach Foundation. “I am delighted to report that through the efforts of Rob Weingartner, we have secured $10,000 to assist Saleem Ferah in his studies there.”

     Saleem is a first year student from Bloudan, Syria. At the age of 41 he decided to answer God’s Call and give up his successful career as a judge and a lawyer in order to enroll fulltime at ETSC. He had previously served his local church leading High school and college youth meetings, singing in the Church choir and serving as an elder for the past eight years.  When the pastor of the church left, he became their lay pastor.

November2014 ETSC Update-A Milestone Observed

November 2014 ETSC Update-A Milestone Observed

One hundred and three International Guests trooped through the newly painted gates of the Seminary on a beautiful Cairo morning as the 150th Anniversary Celebration began on November 13th.  After months of preparation and a whirlwind of finalized interior and outdoor projects in October and November, the whole community was poised to celebrate with guests from 17 countries. Trees and flowers were newly planted, every nook and cranny of accumulated debris was hauled away on a student work day, walls were painted, and the Sports Court was all decked out in a typical oversize Egyptian party tent.  From Alfred to Zack, by 9:00 a.m. the guests had all retrieved their nametags and gifts and were seated shoulder-to-shoulder in the chapel.


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